Subject: sv: sv: levelling

From: polylife
To: D

sent: 3 oct 20.22

Subject: sv: sv: levelling

 ... well yes, thanks for the sharing of thoughts - appreciated, and if I made you feel you had to defend yourself, that wasn't my intention.. rather I'm in deep respect for the way both of you (and myself) have handled these matters, we're all adults, yes - I'd say that's proven by now.. :P and to further clarify, I like it that J is a polyamorous person - I am, myself too, and I do want to live with someone who is and it will (and shall!) happen again and again (it's a way of life), but:

these things are also new (more or less) to all of us, living it out in practice, so it's somewhat of a learning struggle . .and it's also very difficult to know beforehand, without actually having been in every situation, to know where your limits are ('cause everybody's got them..limits, that is) - usually this isn't realized until you've already crossed them (or are very close to doing so). .

it's true what you say that nobody can help how somebody else feels (one of the many reasons why this wasn't an accusation) and nobody can tell anybody else what to do = what happens happens, right - one has just to wait and see, so what I wrote wasn't a lash out or anything of that matter.. 'twas just a sharing of the fact that we've come close to where I've begun to understand my limits in this particular situation actually are.. what everybody inolved shall do with that fact, I leave it up to each and his/her own to descide. .



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