Subject: levelling


From: polylife
To: D

sent: 2 oct 07.14

Subject: levelling

.. hey man, hope all's cool - autumn and all, 'been a decent one over at our end = nice. .. but ain't writing to discuss the weather, but to share some words.. some words on the issue of trust I might say, sounding all pretentious, but: as you probably (rather: surely) realize, this concept of you spending such a large amount of (such quality) time with J isn't something which is unnoticeably passed, rather: it's something for all of us (three) to deal with (in different ways) every day.

and having approved this from (before) the start, I ain't changing my mind about it still being something which should well be explored and encouraged - the approval stands and I am hoping you're having a good, rewarding time and everything, godspeed etc etc..

but: when you now see her next week, I ask you, as a friend, to be careful, not getting involved with these things to the point where it breaks apart what we, me & her, have been building for 1.5 yrs - you know we now live togeather, and you probably have understood, from my perspective, she just might be the "love of my life", with everything what that means etc etc = I definately second for you guys spending some well deserved time, I know it means a lot to both you, but mate - I am tellin' ya, I trust it to be more of a "getting it out of your system" sortov session rather than a "deepening of involvments, exploring where it might lead", kinda thing. 'cause if things get/keep being as intense as they've sortov been the last couple of months, it's a sad fact - I'll not be man enough to take it much longer = what was intended as something rewarding and joust for everyone, will blow to pieces, things none of us would wanna walk around among.
bottom line: you're my friend and i trust you with the most valuable part of my life (short of my kids) - do it carefully, ok, and steer clear of a development which make keeping this up for all three of us impossible. .
if this seems confused and deranged to you, it probably is - it's important for me that you know, though, so if all you see is feverish rambling - ask, and I'll try to explain.. if not - if you get what i mean, an "I get it mate all's cool relax" is a sufficent answer..  . ;)



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